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Not a wish, this simple statement is Huyentran “Tran” Pham’s guiding passion, her studio’s mission, and the reason why satisfied clients across Southern California continue to seek her out.

Tran’s dedication to her art, to you, and to others is real. It’s something you sense the moment you meet her. Inspired by life, love, and faith, she seeks to express these spiritual components in her work, creating sublimely beautiful designs in the process.

As a school girl, Tran sponsored and made clothing for orphans in her native Viet Nam. After emigrating with her family to the U.S., she attended the world-famous Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles where she completed an advanced-studies degree program and graduated magna cum laude. Working independently, she sharpened her skills, trained her “eye,” and discovered her own visual “voice,” successfully starting her studio, the Designer Touch Group (DTG), in 1996.

With time, talent, and care, Tran Pham’s DTG has built a reputation for creating classic, elegant bridal, special-occasion, and day-wear designs that transcend trends—all uniquely expressing the personality of the wearer. In her talented hands, fine fabrics in exciting textures and glorious hues are expertly fitted and painstakingly tailored into fashion statements worthy of the most important style icon she knows—you!

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