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At the Designer Touch Group (DTG), we believe that it is more beautiful to be a perfect “you” than any particular dress size. Through our expert alteration and consultation services, we make certain that your important, wardrobe investments “work” for—and not against—you, building self-esteem, inspiring confidence, and projecting the right image.

DTG offers a comprehensive range of alterations covering your needs from head to toe.

Rely on our many years of custom-tailoring experience to improve the proportion and fit of your existing garments. Depending on the article, we can also increase ease of movement or accommodate special physical needs, if these considerations are required.

DTG Alterations
And, because we are couturiers too, we pay special attention to the design and structure of your valuable pieces. So, you are assured that the integrity of their original style and workmanship is scrupulously maintained.

Don’t be “racked” by doubt or despair ever again.

While getting a perfect fit when buying off-the-rack is virtually impossible for most women, we realize that many unknowingly start building their basic wardrobes this way. To avoid embarrassing and expensive fashion missteps when doing-it-yourself, consult with DTG designer Tran Pham. She can develop a personalized style profile to guide you in making the best fashion choices for your skin tone, body type, and casual or professional life. Schedule a private session with her today and make the most of what you have by:

  • Analyzing your Personal Color Palette;
  • Discovering your own figure-flattering style; and/or
  • Auditing your existing wardrobe (In-Home Only)

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