DTG Bridal (cont.)

At DTG, we know that your wedding dress is like no other and treat it that way.

DTG Bridal
  • Fine silk taffeta, luxurious duchesse satin, and fragile silk organza receive expert handling and tailoring. Decorative embroidery, beading, sequins, rhinestones—and even, heavy polyester linings—get the special attention they all require as well.
  • Every dress’s three critical design elements—bodice, neckline, and hem—are perfectly fitted or refashioned to optimize visual impact.
  • French or Victorian bustles are artfully crafted to make not only make a statement, but to be extremely functional, allowing for complete ease of movement.
  • Special features—such as corsets, re-pleating, princess seams, shoulder treatments, and more—enhance natural endowments and/or accommodate unique physical characteristics for a more properly proportioned, beautiful appearance.
  • By duplicating decorative treatments found on your wedding dress, coordinating headpieces and purses can be fashioned for a “total” look.
  • Whether you are starting or keeping a tradition, “replica” wedding dresses and accessories may be re-created from your cherished family photos and memories.
  • And, finally, DTG can transform your bridal gown into a stunning “anniversary dress” that you can wear to celebrate not only the day you were wed, but other special occasions as well.

Experience the difference a trained “eye,” expert advice, properly balanced proportions, and fine tailoring can make. Rely on DTG to consider every detail when helping you achieve the wedding dress of your dreams.


Exquisite DTG wedding veils and accessories complete your look.


DTG Bridal

In the studio’s bridal showcase, you will find:

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