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Have you ever noticed that when you really need to look and feel your absolute best, department- and specialty-store selections let you down? Even the high-end establishments can’t meet your expectations. So, you just buy “some thing” and wear it out of desperation.

Rather than waste your time and money settling for less, consider the DTG couture alternative.

Because Tran Pham’s Designer Touch Group (DTG) couture clothing is custom designed and tailored just for you, it provides the look, fit, and quality you crave; the confidence you seek; and the joy—yes! joy—you deserve.

DTG Couture

From start to finish, DTG designer Tran Pham lavishes time, talent, and care on your garment, implementing traditional couture techniques.

In the relaxed elegance of DTG’s studio or in the privacy of your own home, Tran Pham consults one-on-one with you. First, she seeks to understand your personal sense of style. Then, viewing your fashion likes and dislikes through her trained “eye,” she discusses design options with you. Only when you agree on the “look” does work on your garment begin.

From this shared vision, Tran creates a concept sketch that fixes the “look” and aesthetically balances your body’s proportions. Once it is approved by you, fabric(s) and color(s) are selected, all-important fittings are begun, and couture-inspired muslin and paper patterns are created.

Based on these patterns, Tran fashions your garment completely out of muslin—so, you can literally see how the design flows over your body, flattering its curves and accenting its best features. Then she transfers every line and nuance of this sample to a “master” pattern from which the final fabrics are painstakingly cut and tailored. Applying the artistry of her designer touch, Tran brings your garment to life, creating a classic look you will love and enjoy for years.

At DTG, you are the center of attention.

Throughout the entire couture process, Tran works with you, providing cost estimates, scheduling client reviews and fittings, and arranging the final delivery. No detail is left to chance, so your time and money are never wasted and your experience is a pampered, pleasurable one—which are all reason enough to go couture!

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