DTG Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What services do you offer?
  2. Do I need an appointment?
  3. How much do your services cost?
  4. What types of alterations do you perform?
  5. How do I prepare for my fitting(s)?
  6. Have a different question? Contact DTG.
What services do you offer?
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Because of our experience in the exacting world of couture, Tran Pham’s Designer Touch Group (DTG) is able to provide a comprehensive range of fashion-related services, including (but not limited to):

  • Couture design, fitting, and dressmaking
  • Custom tailoring and alterations
  • Heirloom restyling and/or restoration
  • Wardrobe development and consultation

Do I need an appointment?
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DTG services are in demand and appointments are required.

To schedule an appointment, call (949) 346-1856. If prompted, please leave a message including your name, your contact information, the nature of the service(s) required, and your preferred appointment date and time. Your call will be returned and appointment confirmed during the course of the next business day.

How much do your services cost?
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Because ours is a custom couture and tailoring business, DTG fees reflect the scope and intricacies of your garment. Typically, estimates for standard alterations are free. In-home sessions and personal wardrobe and style consultations with DTG designer Tran Pham are billed at an hourly rate plus expenses, if any are incurred. Custom couture commissions are subject to the terms of your contract with our studio.

What types of alterations do you perform?
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At DTG, we know that there is no substitute for a perfectly proportioned and properly fitted garment. To achieve this, our experts take measurements and make adjustments to:

    • Pant:
      • Hem (Shorten or lengthen unlined, lined, slit, or cuffed styles)
      • Waist (Take in or let out waistband or back, with or without pleats or darts)
      • Crotch (Restyle line)
      • Inseams (Take in or let out unlined or lined styles)
      • Side seams (Take in or let out unlined or lined styles)
    • Jeans:
      • Hem (Shorten with standard or as-original stitching)
    • Jacket:
      • Sleeves (Shorten regular or mitered styles, lengthen, taper, or restyle partial underarm)
      • Shoulders and/or armholes (Restyle)
      • Bodice (Take in or let out; restyle with front or back princess seams, center back seam, or two side darts)
      • Length (Shorten with regular or rounded corners)
    • Shirt:
      • Side seams (Take in or let out)
      • Sleeves (Shorten regular, tapered, or with-placket styles)
      • Shoulders (Restyle for narrow shoulders)
    • Skirt:
      • Hem (Shorten or lengthen unlined, lined, gored or circular styles)
      • Side seams (Take in or let out unlined, lined, or with-invisible-zipper styles)
      • Waistband or back (Take in or let out)
    • Dress:
      • Hem (Shorten)
      • Side seams (Take in, let out, or restyle sleeves and armholes)
      • Princess seams (Reshape)
      • Waist (Shorten)
    • Hem:
      • With horse hair (Depending on sweep)
      • With wrap front and back
      • With trims, lace, appliqués and/or beading
      • With train
      • From waist
      • With rolled edge (Lining: up to 72 inches; sweep: 104 inches and up)
    • Side Seams:
      • At bodice
      • With zipper or draping
      • With beading, lace, or other decorative treatment
    • Princess Seams:
      • With thinner bonnings (Reshape)
      • With beading, lace, or other decorative treatment
    • Bodice:
      • Full (Shorten)
      • Enhancements (Adding bras, cups, etc.)
    • Shoulder:
      • Regular or spaghetti straps (Redesign, add or shorten)
      • With beading, lace, or other decorative treatment
    • Corset:
      • Replace back zipper with redesigned lace-up closure
    • Bustle:
      • Connect fabric layers before bustling
      • In traditional French style
      • In Victorian “pouffed” style
    • Decorative Details & Accessories:
      • Additional treatments (With trim, lace, appliqués, and/or beading)
      • Veils and headpieces
      • Purses, money bags, and ring pillows

How do I prepare for my fitting(s)?
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Make an appointment with our studio, arrive punctually, and allow enough time to complete the session, usually one to one-and-a-half hours.

If alterations are required, come with the garment requiring attention. If a bride, you will want to have not only your dress with you, but your veil and headpiece, if available, as well.

For either an alterations or a couture fitting, please bring the actual items (or appropriate substitutes for them) that you plan to wear with the “finished” garment to your DTG session. These typically include shoes with the right-sized heel and sole; lingerie, including contouring bodywear; and key accessories or other articles of clothing. Without them, there is the possibility that proper fit and/or proportioning may suffer or be delayed. However by considering all the details early in the process, this danger can be easily avoided and successful results assured.

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